Mother Sauces

Base Thickener Example of derivative
Espagnole brown stock dark roux Bordelaise (+marrow)
Velouté white stock light roux Newburg (+sherry)
Béchamel milk light roux Mornay (+cheese)
Tomato - vegetable puree Bolognese (+meat)
Hollandaise water plus butter egg yolk Bearnaise (+tarragon and shallot reduction
(mayonnaise) lemon juice egg yolk Aioli (+garlic)


Modern Classification of Sauces

Examples of Category
Stock Based Demo-glace, Meat Jus (Essence)
Egg or Emulsion Based Hollandaise, Mayonnaise, Vinaigrette
Flour Thickened Velouté, Béchamel
Butter Based Beurre Blanc, Compound Butters
Purée Tomato, Red Pepper

Short lis tof terms:

  1. Emulsion - a suspension of two liquids that ordinarily don't mix (e.g. oil and water)
  2. Emulsifier - something that causes an emulsion (e.g. mustard, egg yolks)
  3. Liaison - an ingredient that thickens a sauce (like flour or egg yolks)
  4. Reduction - the process of concentrating a liquid over low heat
Vegetable Gratin
Basic Hollandaise
Compound Butters
Roasted Red Pepper Aioli
Chive Lemon Buerre Blanc
Red Wine Sauce
Marinara Sauce